20 festivals across music, arts, food, and sports that take place in Peru

20 festivals across music, arts, food, and sports that take place in Peru:

Music Festivals:

  1. Selvámonos – An outdoor music and arts festival that takes place in Oxapampa.
  2. Lima Vive Rock – A rock music festival held in Lima, featuring Peruvian bands.
  3. Mistura Musical – Part of the larger Mistura Food Festival, it features live music from a wide variety of genres.

Art Festivals:

  1. Festival Internacional de la Primavera – This “Spring International Festival” in Trujillo includes parades with beautifully decorated floats, dance shows, and art.
  2. Festival de Cine de Lima – An international film festival held annually in Lima.
  3. Festival Internacional de la Vendimia Iqueña – Held in Ica, it’s a celebration of the grape harvest that includes traditional music, dance, and visual art exhibitions.

Food Festivals:

  1. Mistura – The largest food festival in Latin America, held annually in Lima.
  2. Feria Gastronómica Internacional de Arequipa – An international gastronomy fair held in Arequipa.
  3. Chincha Pisco Festival – A festival celebrating Peru’s famous spirit, Pisco, with tastings and competitions.

Sport Festivals:

  1. Fiesta Nacional del Sol y del Caballo – A national festival celebrating the sun and the horse, featuring horse racing and other equestrian events.
  2. Inca Trail Marathon – The toughest Marathon in the world, following the original pilgrimage route to Machu Picchu.
  3. Marcona Wind Trail – A running event in the desert with a variety of distances.

Cultural Festivals:

  1. Inti Raymi – A religious ceremony in Cusco in honor of the Inti (Sun God), a key deity in the Inca religion.
  2. Carnaval de Puno – Known as the “Folkloric Capital of Peru,” Puno celebrates Carnival with colorful parades and traditional music.
  3. La Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria – One of the largest religious festivals in Peru, with traditional dances and music.
  4. Semana Santa in Ayacucho – The city of Ayacucho is known for its elaborate Holy Week (Easter) celebrations.
  5. Fiesta de la Marinera – A week-long festival celebrating the national dance, the Marinera.
  6. Trujillo Spring Festival – A lively event with a parade, concerts, and art exhibitions, celebrating the arrival of spring.
  7. Qoyllur Rit’i – One of the most fascinating religious events, thousands of pilgrims head to the Sinakara Valley in the Cusco region to pay homage to the image of Christ.
  8. Fiestas Patrias – Peru’s national holidays on July 28-29, commemorating the country’s independence with parades, concerts, and fireworks.

Remember to check the latest information about these festivals, as dates and details may change due to various circumstances.