20 festivals that occur in Sweden

20 festivals that occur in Sweden, across a variety of themes like music, art, food, and sports:

Music Festivals:

  1. Way Out West – An annual music festival in Gothenburg, known for its diverse range of musical acts and dedication to sustainability.
  2. Sweden Rock Festival – A hard rock festival held annually in Norje, attracting fans of classic rock, heavy metal and blues.
  3. Summerburst – A major electronic dance music festival held in Stockholm.
  4. Stockholm Jazz Festival – One of Sweden’s oldest festivals, focusing on jazz music.
  5. Uppsala Reggae Festival – The largest reggae festival in Scandinavia.

Art Festivals:

  1. Stockholm Art Week – A week-long event filled with exhibitions, auctions, and other art-related activities.
  2. Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art – One of Scandinavia’s leading venues for contemporary art.
  3. Umeå Jazz Festival – Besides jazz music, this festival also features art exhibitions and installations.
  4. Lund Comedy Festival – The biggest comedy festival in Scandinavia, showcasing both local and international artists.

Food Festivals:

  1. Smaka på Stockholm (Taste of Stockholm) – A popular food and drink festival in Stockholm.
  2. Gothenburg Food Festival – This festival celebrates the city’s food culture with a focus on sustainability and local produce.
  3. Malmö Festival – A week-long free festival featuring music, art, and a wide variety of food.
  4. Seafood Festival in Smögen – Celebrating the best of local seafood on the west coast of Sweden.

Sport Festivals:

  1. Vasaloppet – A traditional long-distance cross-country ski race held in Dalarna.
  2. Gothia Cup – The world’s largest and most international youth football tournament, held in Gothenburg.
  3. Stockholm Marathon – An annual event that attracts runners from all over the world.
  4. Visma Ski Classics – Long distance cross-country skiing championship with events across Sweden.
  5. Ice Music Festival – A unique event in Geilo where all the musical instruments are made out of ice.
  6. Falun Mine World Heritage Swimrun – A unique sports event combining swimming and running in a historical setting.
  7. Fjällräven Classic – A long-distance trekking event in the beautiful mountains of northern Sweden.

Please note that some festivals may vary each year due to various factors such as changes in management or global events like the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s always a good idea to check for the most current information.