20 festivals that take place in Ecuador

20 festivals that take place in Ecuador, across a variety of themes like music, art, food, and sports:

Music Festivals:

  1. Festivalfff – An important music festival held in Ambato, featuring a wide variety of music genres.
  2. Quito Fest – A free, open-air rock festival held annually in Quito, Ecuador.
  3. Mundial del Banjo – A world music festival in Quito, featuring various musical styles.

Art Festivals:

  1. Festival Internacional de Artes Vivas de Loja – A lively festival showcasing performing arts.
  2. Quito International Film Festival – Promotes the art of filmmaking and showcases local and international films.
  3. Bienal de Cuenca – A biennial art event that showcases contemporary visual art.

Food Festivals:

  1. Yamor Festival – Celebrated in Otavalo, this event features the local drink called “Yamor” made from seven varieties of corn.
  2. Fiesta de la Fruta y de las Flores – The “Fruit and Flowers Festival” in Ambato, where local food and agriculture are celebrated.
  3. Feria Mundial del Cacao – A fair dedicated to cacao, a key product of Ecuador. Features tastings, contests, and workshops.

Sport Festivals:

  1. Quito Ultimaas – A high-altitude ultimate frisbee tournament held annually in Quito.
  2. Fiesta de la Escaramuza – A traditional bullfighting event held in Riobamba.
  3. Baños Adventure Sports Festival – Held in Baños de Agua Santa, featuring adventure sports such as whitewater rafting, bridge jumping, and canyoning.

Cultural Festivals:

  1. Carnaval – Celebrated across the country with parades, comparsas, and water fights.
  2. Fiesta de la Mama Negra – A traditional celebration in Latacunga, blending indigenous, Spanish, and African influences.
  3. Inti Raymi – An Incan festival of the sun, celebrated in various Andean communities.
  4. Fiestas de Quito – Celebrates the founding of Quito with bullfights, parades, and street dances.
  5. Fiestas de Guayaquil – Celebrates Guayaquil’s independence with regattas, parades, and concerts.
  6. Fiesta de San Pedro y San Pablo – Fishing villages along the coast celebrate these saints’ days with regattas and religious processions.
  7. Dia de los Difuntos (Day of the Deceased) – On November 2, families gather at cemeteries to honor their ancestors with food and music.
  8. Pawkar Raymi – An indigenous festival in the Andean highlands marking the end of the harvest and the arrival of the rainy season.

Please keep in mind that the dates and specifics of these events might change due to various factors such as local regulations and global events like the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s always a good idea to check for the most current information.