A vital and raw sounding collection of some of the brightest and best hip-hop acts to emerge from the midlands, 2ND SUZPECT demands your attention right now.

Track listings 
Intro / Coolin’ / And You Know / Purpose / Remain Nameless / Gorrillaz In The Mist / Battle Axe Symphony / What U Want / Sunbeams / Peace


UK hip-hop runs a lot of the same parallels between UK and US cinema in many ways, if artists like Kanye West and Snoop Dogg are the Hollywood blockbusters; all massive budgets, bling and explosive productions, the UK scene has a lower budget handheld feel, more documentary style and raw.
Midlands based producer 2nd Suzpect presents a collection of new UK hip-hop acts here, a raw sounding collaboration between such hot breaking acts as Sonny Jim, Sir’Vere. Lokjaw and Reggii. If you need any proof that UK hip hop is at its strongest sounding in years, 2ND SUZPECT is as good a place as any to start.
The chilled out grooves of COOLIN’ a collaboration between Bigga, Reggii and Sonny Jim is the start off point, the slinky jazz backing and rough rap flows cruising coolly over low key beats. Reggii pops up again on the equally fluid sounding AND YOU KNOW, before teaming up with Sir’Vere on the subdued PURPOSE.
REMAIN NAMELESS finds dissonant piano chords rubbing shoulders with simple beats, Sonny Jim delivering darkly humorous insults like “I’ll stomp on your face/till its flatter than a fishcake”, a welcome change from the humourless macho posturings of way too much US hip-hop lately. GORRILLAZ IN THE MIST has a certain Wu Tang Clan feel to it, hard beats and minimal production laying the foundation beneath Joe Gutta’s the tough sounding rhymes. The standout BATTLE AXE SYMPHONY is a Bigga, Lockjaw and Agent collaboration – the Godfather esque musical themes and tough beats underplaying the inspired lyrical imagery, an effect that sounds like the Wu Tang Clan meets Kanye West meets The Streets.
SUNBEAMS comes on like the darker little brother to sundrenched West Coast rap, a team up between Bigga and Joe Gutta, spitting out raps threateningly over chilled out beats and hypnotic samples.
UK hip-hop continues to prove itself as an inspired and credible alternative to the increasingly mainstream US alternatives, projects like 2ND SUZPECT putting fuel to the fire that things are at their most exciting in years. A vital and raw sounding collection of some of the brightest and best hip-hop acts to emerge from the midlands, 2ND SUZPECT demands your attention right now.

Band Biography

Joe Rizzle is the 2nd Suzpect – Midlands-based producer known for notably working closely with the gnostix collective with credits for his work on The Gnow Sampler which received rave reviews from both Rago and Big Smoke Magazine.
At present, we can reveal that 2nd Suzpect is currently working on the second instalment to theSuzpects series as well as making moves on the Unfriendly Neighbours project in close workings with The Boy Wonder Joe Gutta. Other works from Joe Rizzle can be found on the Uk Runnings Mixtapes as distributed Tricksta, and also on joints by Promethean foundations Truth and the Cartoon Hip Hop Series featuring Joe Gutta, Gadget and more…. With so many up-and-coming artists in the game, the 2nd Suzpect is a trusted ear and in plans to work with some of the cream of the scene today…. For artists who feel that they are up to the mark….

Band Line up

  • Joe Rizzle
  • Bigga
  • Reggii
  • Sonny Jim
  • Sir’Vere
  • Sonny Jim
  • Joe Gutta
  • Lokjaw
  • Agent

Band Discography
THE 2ND SUZPECT (Rusty Jukebox Records>2006)
Coolin’ (Bigga, Reggii and Sonny Jim)
And You Know (Reggi)
Purpose (Reggii and Sir’Vere)
Remain Nameless (Sonny Jim)
Gorillaz In The Mist (Joe Gutta)
Battle Axe Symphony (Bigga, Lokjaw and Agent)
What U Want (Reggii and Sir’Vere)
Sunbeams (Bigga and Joe Gutta)

Reviewed by

Mike Bond - UKmusicsearch 2006