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Eastern Haze festival 2007 was an event meticulously planned with an eclectic mix of performances, an idyllic venue, and a weekend full of entertainment. Yet, the skies unleashed a torrent of rain just as the festival was about to kick-off. Anticipated as two months’ worth of rainfall in a day, the festival grounds were nearly deserted as it all began on Friday.

Despite the relentless rain, Lynchburg Tenn managed to captivate audiences at the Other Stage, showcasing the region’s musical talent through their jagged riffs and gravelly vocals. Their confidence stirred the festival-goers, rallying them amidst the gloomy weather. Simultaneously, the Main Stage was graced by the intriguing performance from Dyframix, an unusual combination of the UK’s leading didgeridoo player Nick Burman and psy-trance DJ Stef Man.

As the rain returned, many found refuge in the club tent, which was teeming with ravers entranced by the hardcore beats of DJ Hixxy and MC Storm, their energy infectious,. However, the day ended on a rather dull note with the crowd failing to resonate with the attempted humour by guest vocalist Phill Jupitus during The Blockheads’ performance.

Saturday ushered in a glimmer of hope with the festival grounds gradually filling up. The Other Stage was abuzz with the folk-punk rhythms of The Mustard City Rockers, a band remarkably rich in musical talent and political fervour. The Main Stage concluded with the eccentric performance by Space Ritual, a band formed by former members of Hawkwind, leaving a profound impact on the audience.

Sunday promised an anticipatory finale with The Bootleg Beatles. To ease into the big performance, festival-goers enjoyed local folk artists singing piercing pop culture references and witty lyrics at the open-mic acoustic tent. This audience participation feature was one of Eastern Haze’s distinctive aspects, setting it apart from other festivals.

As the Bootleg Beatles took the stage, their captivating performance was indeed worth the wait. Their tribute act served as a fitting celebration for the 40th anniversary of the iconic Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Thus, Eastern Haze, despite its shaky start, ended on a resounding high note.

The festival, while lacking the glamour of big names like Latitude, excelled in providing a diverse and interactive experience. Eastern Haze promoter Seb Fosdall, despite the rain, deemed the festival a success, citing a decent turnout and promising a return the next year.

Attendees reminisced about their experiences, recalling the feeling of togetherness despite the weather. The camaraderie, the vibrant music, the new friendships formed, and even the mud became integral to the unique experience of Eastern Haze 2007. Some festival-goers mentioned the sprawling venue, which at times looked empty, but the camping areas were bustling, full of tent wires and music lovers eager to return the next year.

Despite the weather’s challenges, Eastern Haze 2007 was not just a music festival but a testament to the resilience of music and the human spirit. While the rain may have been a nuisance, the memories of the festival remain etched in the hearts of its attendees, a testament to the power of music and community.

Our take on it?

Five of our festival-lovin’, music-adventuring team members – Leigh, Keith, Clint, Sarah, and Mat – found themselves immersed in the Eastern Haze experience back in 2007. It was a wild ride, chatting it up with bands and audience members alike, nailing interviews, and soaking in the vibe.

And who could forget when our resident lens-ace, Mat, stepped in to film the main stage? Talk about baptism by fire for the newbie in our crew, but he totally rocked it!

It’s a real bummer that Eastern Haze couldn’t keep the party going year after year, but hey, we’ll always have our madcap memories and snap-happy photos from that epic weekend. Proof that great times might fade, but they never really die. Rock on, team!

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