Acontraluz Festival 2023

Acontraluz Festival is not just a celebration of electronic music; it's an experience that encapsulates the spirit of Marseille - vibrant, dynamic, and beautifully timeless.

Acontraluz Festival, located in the historic and culturally rich city of Marseille, France, is an annual celebration of electronic music that truly stands out in the busy European festival scene. Held against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, this festival is an immersive experience that combines the pulsating energy of electronic beats with the serene beauty of the seaside setting.

This festival is not just a musical event; it’s a sensory journey. The energy is palpable as soon as you step foot onto the festival grounds. The sea breeze carries the thumping beats of electronic music, an invigorating symphony that blends harmoniously with the soothing sounds of the waves. The sight of the dazzling stage lights, reflected in the inky waters of the Mediterranean, creates a mesmerizing spectacle that’s amplified by the warm, summer nights of Southern France.

Acontraluz is known for its carefully curated lineup, which features a mix of established DJs and rising talents in the electronic music scene. The festival’s commitment to showcasing innovative artists and fresh sounds adds to its reputation as a platform for musical discovery.

As the sun sets, the festival takes on a new level of enchantment. The illuminating stage lights cast an otherworldly glow on the crowd, a mix of locals and international visitors, who move rhythmically to the hypnotic beats under the starlit sky. This twilight magic, combined with the electrifying music, creates a vibrant and unforgettable ambiance.

But Acontraluz is more than just a party. It’s a testament to the festival’s commitment to sustainability and local culture. The festival encourages eco-friendly practices and features a selection of food and drink options that celebrate local culinary traditions.

  • Marseille offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit various budgets and preferences. Choices range from luxury hotels and charming guesthouses in the historic city center to budget hostels and vacation rentals.
  • Booking platforms like Airbnb and offer numerous options for vacation rentals.
  • Due to the popularity of the festival, it’s recommended to book accommodation well in advance. Consider options near public transportation for ease of travel to and from the festival.
  • Public Transport: Marseille’s efficient public transport network includes trains, trams, and buses. The festival grounds are easily accessible via these services, and the city’s bike-sharing system is another green alternative.
  • Taxis/Rideshares: Taxis and rideshare services are readily available in Marseille, although availability might be limited during peak festival hours due to high demand.
  • Bicycles: Marseille’s bike-sharing system, Le vélo, is a popular and eco-friendly mode of transportation for getting around the city.
  • Acontraluz Festival emphasizes sustainability and local culture in its food and drink offerings. Visitors can sample a range of local cuisine, from traditional Provençal dishes to fresh Mediterranean seafood, as well as international fare.
  • A variety of bars are situated throughout the festival grounds, offering everything from local wines and craft beers to non-alcoholic options. Remember, it’s essential to stay hydrated, especially during the hot summer months.

Acontraluz - After Movie 2019

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Event Details

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