Music On Festival 2023

Music On Festival is not just a celebration of techno music; it's an experience that encapsulates the spirit of Amsterdam - vibrant, dynamic, and beautifully timeless.

Music On Festival is an annual celebration of electronic music that takes place in the iconic city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Born from the renowned Music On event series in Ibiza, the festival brings together some of the biggest names in techno music for a weekend of high-energy performances and immersive sound experiences.

Set within the sprawling, verdant landscape of Havenpark, Music On Festival is an outdoor event that encapsulates the spirit of summer. The festival’s distinctively warm and friendly atmosphere, combined with the raw energy of the techno beats, creates an experience that’s both electrifying and enchanting.

Music On Festival is all about the music, placing an emphasis on quality techno and house acts. The festival’s lineup features a mix of established DJs and rising talents, offering a well-rounded musical experience that caters to both hardcore techno enthusiasts and casual listeners.

The festival’s production quality is second to none. Its stages, set against the backdrop of Amsterdam’s skyline, are a spectacle in their own right. High-quality sound systems ensure that the music is not just heard, but felt, creating a truly immersive auditory experience.

As night falls, the festival takes on a new level of enchantment. The illuminating stage lights cast an otherworldly glow on the crowd, a mix of locals and international visitors, who move rhythmically to the hypnotic beats under the starlit sky. This twilight magic, combined with the electrifying music, creates a vibrant and unforgettable ambiance.

  • Amsterdam offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit various budgets and preferences. Choices range from luxury hotels and charming guesthouses to budget hostels and vacation rentals.
  • Booking platforms like Airbnb and offer numerous options for vacation rentals.
  • Due to the festival’s popularity, it’s recommended to book accommodation well in advance. Consider options near public transportation for ease of travel to and from the festival.
  • Public Transport: Amsterdam is well-connected by train, tram, and bus services. The festival site, Havenpark, can be reached by taking the metro to Isolatorweg station, followed by a short walk.
  • Bicycles: Amsterdam’s well-developed cycling infrastructure makes biking a popular and eco-friendly mode of transportation for getting around the city.
  • Taxis/Rideshares: Taxis and rideshare services like Uber are readily available in Amsterdam, although availability might be limited during peak festival hours due to high demand.
  • Music On Festival offers a variety of food and drink options to cater to different dietary needs and preferences. From local Dutch snacks to international cuisine, there’s something for everyone.
  • Multiple bars throughout the festival grounds offer a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Remember to stay hydrated, especially during the hot summer months.

MUSIC ON FESTIVAL 2022 • Aftermovie

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