This year marks a monumental celebration of LGBTQ+ joy at the core of Manchester Pride Festival!

The Gay Village Party, renowned for its diversity and inclusivity, is an exuberant, queer-led festivity that celebrates the vibrant LGBTQ+ life and love within the globally recognised Gay Village of Manchester.

Manchester Pride is incredibly eager to announce their line-up that stands as a powerful symbol for shifting dialogues, promoting and highlighting the most influential queer artists, and emphasising community-led performances.

Their dedicated effort to work in close collaboration with communities has resulted in a line-up that truly represents and is inspired by them. As a pioneering city leading the worldwide Pride Movement, Manchester takes immense pride in presenting a line-up that places local queer performers on the same stage as esteemed international LGBTQ+ talent, all the while garnering unwavering support from our allies.

The line-up for the festival redefines the standard for diversity at such events. The list boasts a staggering 96% queer performers, a majority of 54% female performers, 51% performers of colour, and over 42% trans and non-binary performers. In their ongoing efforts to promote inclusivity, they’re proud to say that a significant X% of the performers are individuals with disabilities.

Check out the festival this year, where every performance and every voice raises the bar for representation, inclusivity, and the celebration of queer joy!