Little John’s Farm, Reading

Little John’s Farm is a popular festival site located in the town of Reading, Berkshire in England. The venue is best known for hosting the annual Reading Festival, one of the UK’s most iconic music festivals, which attracts tens of thousands of music fans from all over the world every year.

The site is situated on the outskirts of the town, and covers a sprawling 160 acres of land. The festival site is surrounded by beautiful green fields, and is located adjacent to the River Thames, providing a picturesque backdrop for festival-goers to enjoy.

Little John’s Farm boasts a range of impressive facilities that cater to the needs of festival-goers. There are multiple stages spread throughout the site, each offering a unique atmosphere and featuring a diverse range of musical acts. The main stage is located at the heart of the site, and has hosted some of the biggest names in music over the years, including Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, and Eminem.

In addition to the main stage, there are several smaller stages and tents dotted around the site, each showcasing a different genre of music. These include the NME Stage, the Radio 1 Dance Stage, and the Lock-Up Stage, which features punk, ska and hardcore acts.

The festival site is also home to a range of food and drink vendors, offering a variety of tasty treats and refreshing drinks to keep festival-goers fuelled throughout the weekend. There are also plenty of merchandise stalls and shops selling a range of festival memorabilia and clothing.

One of the key attractions of Little John’s Farm is the festival’s famous camping areas. The festival provides a range of camping options for visitors, from standard camping to more luxurious options such as glamping and pre-pitched tents. The campsite is located within walking distance of the main festival site, making it easy for festival-goers to come and go as they please.

Despite its large size, Little John’s Farm has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with a strong sense of community among festival-goers. The festival is known for its lively and energetic crowds, who come together to enjoy the music and soak up the festival atmosphere.

Overall, Little John’s Farm is a fantastic venue that has played host to some of the biggest names in music over the years. With its stunning location, impressive facilities, and vibrant atmosphere, it’s easy to see why the Reading Festival is considered one of the UK’s premier music events. Whether you’re a music lover, festival enthusiast, or simply looking for a fun weekend away, Little John’s Farm and the Reading Festival are definitely worth a visit.

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