Wrocław Marathon – Wrocław Poland


The Wrocław Marathon is a popular running event held annually in the city of Wrocław, Poland. The marathon, which is officially known as the PKO Wrocław Marathon due to sponsorship, attracts runners from all over the world and is considered one of the most prestigious and well-organized marathon events in Poland.


The Wrocław Marathon was first held in 1983. The event grew steadily over the years and is now an important fixture on the international marathon calendar. It’s known not only for its well-organized race but also for the scenic and historically rich route it offers to the participants.

The Race

The race begins and ends in the city’s central area, near the iconic Wrocław Stadium. The course is a scenic route that takes runners through the heart of the city, passing many of Wrocław’s most notable landmarks, including the Centennial Hall, the Market Square, and numerous historical monuments and buildings.

The Wrocław Marathon is a flat and fast course, which is ideal for runners aiming for personal best times. It’s also been recognized for its enthusiastic crowd support, with local residents lining the streets to cheer on the runners.


The race provides all the standard facilities expected at a major marathon. These include start and finish areas with medical support, water and refreshment stations along the course, and timing services. There are also pre- and post-race events, including a race expo where runners can purchase running gear and other merchandise.


Wrocław, being the largest city in western Poland, offers a wide range of accommodations for runners and spectators, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels and rental apartments. Many accommodations are within walking distance or a short public transport ride to the marathon’s start and finish area.

How to Get There

Wrocław is easily accessible by air via the Wrocław–Copernicus Airport, which offers regular flights to several European cities. The city is also well-connected by train to other Polish cities and across Europe.

Once in Wrocław, the city has an efficient public transport system, including trams and buses, that can take you to the marathon start and finish area. Taxi services and rideshares like Uber are also available. If you prefer to walk, the city center is compact and easily navigable on foot.